SEGA Summer Sale Part 2 has Begun on the PlayStation Store!

Enjoy the summer with an awesome SEGA game!

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The SEGA Summer Sale Part 2 is NOW LIVE on the PlayStation Store until August 16, 2023. Various SEGA titles for the PS4 and PS5 are now available for purchase at a discount. Here are some titles from the sale that we recommend that you consider:

Persona 5 Royal – 35% OFF

This is an UnGeek favorite. A lot of the members of UnGeek are big Persona fans and there is a reason for that. Persona 5 rocks an excellent story, stylish combat, a BANGIN’ soundtrack, and so so much more. This game is a long game to play but we are all in agreement that every hour, every minute you place into this game is just worth it. If you haven’t played it, you should definitely consider getting it during the sale.

NOTE: We may have said P5R but, truth be told, Persona 3, 4 , and 5 are all video gaming GEMS. We can’t stress enough how much we recommend these games.


JUDGE EYES: wills of death Remastered Digital Deluxe AKA JUDGMENT – 30% OFF

This is another UnGeek favorite. So yes, this is in fact a spin-off of the Yakuza games – that by itself should tell you why this game is good. It has the antics, the “close to reality” locations in Japan, the fun gameplay. However, what makes Judgment stand out is its amazingly well-told story. This game is a detective thriller that, amidst the jokes and the light hearted feel, really focuses on a deep theme that are powerfully delivered through the game. Without spoiling you, I will say that this game has one of the most impactful final acts in gaming.


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Wait wait wait… I hear you. You’re probably going, “what is this game? Never heard of it.” and that’s our point. It is almost CRIMINAL that this game is not anywhere near as popular as it should be. In case you’re wondering WHY you haven’t heard much if it’s such a great game, it’s because this game is almost impossible to discuss without spoiling anything. It’s story is its strongest aspect and the game features a very non-linear way of story telling where you piece together what is happening across 13 protagonists. The most we can say is… trust us. This game is currently 40% off so if you’re the type of gamer who loves a great story, do give this a chance.


Those are our recommendations but, of course, there are so many other titles worth grabbing during the sale. Check the SEGA Summer Sale Part 2 exclusive website to see what other titles are on sale! The sale will last until August 16, 2023.