Among Us VR announced, coming soon to PS VR2

Seems pretty sus.

It has been a couple of years now since the game blew up, but now, Among Us VR was announced for PlayStation VR2.

Among Us is a game that’s pretty synonymous with the pandemic. After all, it’s pretty much the perfect game to socialize virtually during the lockdown and quarantine era. It helped that it’s easy to play anywhere, be it on PC, consoles, or mobile.

Now, Among Us in virtual reality is coming to PlayStation’s latest virtual reality headset. Check out the trailer here:

Among Us in virtual reality was originally released on Oculus Quest 2 and SteamVR. For those who missed it, this VR version may be quite unexpected given the rather simplistic design of the game (for the better, mind you). Though this new version promises to deliver a different take on the popular multiplayer game as players can get a more immersive crewmate experience.

While it will be in virtual reality, the game will play pretty much the same as the original. This PS VR2 version is described as:

“Among Us VR is a stand-alone experience, developed from the ground up, that draws inspiration from the much-loved design and mechanics in Among Us. In this immersive VR version, players will continue to enjoy gameplay centered around teamwork and betrayal. Complete with voice and quick text chat capabilities, online play, and hands, crewmates can play with 4 – 10 players as they wander the spaceship, complete tasks, and keep an eye out for the Impostor. Players will experience the same deception and deceit as the original award-winning game in their own virtual Skeld II.”

Among Us is coming to PS VR2 soon. Though there’s currently no details yet on a release date.

(This article originally referred to the PS VR2 being the first version. We regret the error)