Company of Heroes 3 reveals Fall/Winter 2023 roadmap

Company of Heroes 3 will get a lot of updates in the coming months.

After releasing the game’s Console Edition back in May, Relic Entertainment shared the all-new content roadmap for Company of Heroes 3.

Specifically, players can soon expect an upcoming PC update with a wide array of changes. Meanwhile, the Console Edition will also get bug fixes and other updates soon.

To get a better idea of what to expect, here are the devs over at Relic Entertainment to explain the upcoming updates in Fall and Winter 2023:

To start, the roadmap reveals the upcoming PC update titled Umbral Wasp which is set to release this October. This update will feature a range of improvements to animations, unit pathfinding, and more. Plus, the update will bring a new 4v4 map, a reprised 1v1, map, and balance changes to unites.

Along with this, the PC version will also get much-requested features like a Replay System and Unit Responsiveness sometime in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the Console Edition will get the Brass Leopard update which was originally released on PC back in June. This update will come to consoles next month and will feature a range of improvements.

Finally, Relic Entertainment confirmed that work on a Company of Heroes 3 expansion has begun, with a planned release later this year. More info will soon be shared on the game’s official blog.

Meanwhile, here’s a handy visual of the Company of Heroes 3 roadmap:

Company of Heroes 3 is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

For more info on Company of Heroes 3, visit the official website.