Company of Heroes Collection announced for the Nintendo Switch

The game will be out in Q4 this year for the Nintendo Switch console.

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Feral Interactive just announced that its real-time strategy game Company of Heroes Collection will be headed for the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the announcement trailer below:


About the game:

Take command in World War II, in the renowned real-time strategy masterpiece now available on console for the very first time.

The game that redefined real-time strategy makes its Nintendo Switch debut in the Company of Heroes Collection—combining the World War II real-time strategy classic and its two epic expansions into one explosive package. Master the challenging blend of fast-moving combat and squad-based tactics, and lead the charge with an all-new control scheme, custom-built for console commanders.

Fight on either side—leading American, British, Panzer Elite and Wehrmacht forces through their historic campaigns in the Battle of Normandy, or create custom battles and pit them against one another in the highly replayable Skirmish mode.

Key Features:

Spectacular Real-Time Strategy – Company of Heroes set the standard for modern real-time strategy with its demanding tactical combat and fast-paced, squad-based action.

Equipped for Nintendo Switch – Packing a radically redesigned interface and optimized for both docked and handheld play, the Company of Heroes Collection is tailor-made for console.

The Complete Collection – From the base game’s battles on the Normandy beaches, to the Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor expansions as the fighting moves inland, all three campaigns—totaling 41 missions—are present and correct.

From D-Day to the Liberation of Normandy – Command both Allied and Axis forces during the crucial engagements of Operation Overlord—the military campaign that spearheaded the liberation of France.

Create Custom Battles – With two distinct battle types, four unique factions to command, a wealth of maps to choose from, and adjustable difficulty levels—Skirmish mode offers enormous replayability.

Shape the Battlefield – Utilize destructible environments to give you a tactical advantage, disrupting enemy battle lines while redrawing your own to secure victory on your terms.


The game will be out in Q4 this year for the Nintendo Switch console.


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