Netflix confirms Alice in Borderland Season 3 is in the works

Netflix shared a teaser visual for the new season.

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Following the release of Season 2 back in December 2022, Netflix announced that Alice in Borderland is getting a Season 3!

Alice in Borderland is easily one of Netflix’s most popular original titles. After all, the show’s first season in December 2020 entered the Netflix Top 10 in 70 countries worldwide. Season 2 was released in December 2022, and it was similarly a massive hit as it was in the Top 10 chart in at least 90 countries.

As a Japanese series, Alice in Borderland was unsurprisingly a big hit in Japan as it was the top TV show for fourteen days. On top of this, Netflix confirmed that the show has been watched for 200 million hours — the current Netflix record for a Japanese show.

Given its success, it’s no surprise that Netflix renewed it for a third season. The show’s next season was announced with a teaser visual/motion art which you can see here:

There’s not a lot of info yet on Alice in Borderland Season 3, though Netflix confirmed that Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya will reprise their roles. Series director Shinsuke Sato will also continue to be at the helm of the upcoming season.

For now, there’s no word yet on when the show will return, but given the two-year gap between seasons, it’s possible that the show will come back in December 2024 at the earliest.