New gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 revealed

Expect a whole lot of web-swinging goodness next month!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s got a brand-new gameplay trailer from Insomniac games during Sony’s the latest State of Play livestream.

The trailer focused on new gameplay mechanics for the game – specifically the switching dynamic between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, a much larger city to explore, new traversal options like the Web Wings, and the reveal of 65 new spidey-suits that players can mess around with!

Check Spider-Man 2’s latest trailer below:



From the official PlayStation Blog:

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we’re nearly doubling the size of Marvel’s New York. Expanding beyond the East River, you’ll swing and soar over iconic landmarks across Queens and Brooklyn – complete with story missions, side quests, and city activities! This expansion also means even faster traversal options such as the Web Wings, which can be combined with traditional web swinging to move at exhilarating speeds. 

Players will also be able to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the open world, near-instantly thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5. Both Spider Heroes are important characters to the grand story we’re telling in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and each will have their own separate side stories to uncover throughout the city. Help students at Brooklyn Visions as Miles Morales or accept new requests for aid as Peter Parker via the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app – you can even choose to tackle certain activities as either Spider-Man! 

Kraven the Hunter and the monstrous Venom join our roster of villains and will strain our heroes, their relationships, and the place they call home. However, they’re not the only two villains causing trouble in the city. We won’t spoil it for you – but our Spideys will need to, ahem, #BeGreaterTogether, to stop them using many new skills, gadgets, and abilities! 

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we’ve layered on a new set of abilities and skills for our heroes: Pete’s new Symbiote powers and Spider-Arms are aggressive and relentless; meanwhile, Miles brings an electrifying and thunderous quality to his bioelectric venom power, as well as Evolved venom abilities. Mix, match, and deploy these abilities with ease using a streamlined control scheme and combo them in fights in all-new Spidey style!

Speaking of style, let’s talk suits! Featuring 65 suits, which include new original designs and fan favorites from films and comics, players will have an expansive wardrobe of costumes to equip in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We’re also delighted to announce Suit Styles, an all-new feature that unlocks alternate color shaders for some suits, which provide over 200 ways for you to outfit your Spider-hero!


Spider-Man 2 will release exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console on October 20, 2023.


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