PH Team SIBOL wins the 2023 IESF MLBB Championship

Congratulations to the champs!

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Earlier this month, the IESF World E-Sports Championship 2023 came to an end with our Philippine Heroes – SIBOL coming back home as victors in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene. In case you missed it, here’s a recap on what went down last week as SIBOL wins the 2023 IESF MLBB.

Sixteen international Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Teams fought valiantly in hopes of bring home the championship along with their cut of the USD 100,000 prize pool. Here’s a snapshot of what the group stage brackets looked like.


The various teams fought in the upper and lower brackets in Iași, Romania. After an intense flurry of matches, we were left with 3 teams standing tall amidst all others. Saudi Arabia finished in 3rd place followed closely by Egypt who barely misses the podium placement as they come in at 4th.


However, it was the historic MLBB rivalry between the Philippines and Indonesia that really took the spotlight here. With their first game lasting a lengthy 29 minutes, both teams were neck-in-neck as they outwit and outplay the other. In an intense first match, Team Indonesia managed to find an opportunity to break the Philippine base while 3 members of SIBOL were down for the count. Round 1 goes to Team Indonesia.


Following this loss, the Philippine team SIBOL rallied together to get the advantage by winning games 2 and 3, putting them ahead in the best-of-five series. SIBOL’s ferocity was in full display especially during game 3 as they won with a kill score of 23-5.

The conclusive 4th match was won quickly lasting only a little under 14 minutes. In this game, SIBOL dominated with a 7-1 kill score which secured them the win as they proudly rose as the ultimate victors of the IESF World E-Sports Championship 2023 for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With a hard fought victory against the defending champions from Indonesia, SIBOL wins the 2023 IESF MLBB championship for themselves with a triumphant 3-1 score.

Congratulations to the champs!



  • Angelo “Phewww” Arcangel
  • David Charles “FlapTzy” Canon
  • Michael Angelo “KyleTzy” Sayson
  • Marco Stephen “SUPER MARCO” Requitiano
  • Rowgien Stimpson “Owgwen” Unigo


You can check out more MLBB esports action in their YouTube Channel here.