Taipei Game Show opens registration for Indie Game Award 2024

The next Indie Game Award also adds a new category: Best Student Game.

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Taipei Game Show 2024 recently announced that registration for the Indie Game Award 2024 is now open, and it features a brand-new category.

Since it began back in 2015, Taipei Game Show’s Indie Game Award has recognized lots of indie games from all over the world, with many going on to become huge international hits. Last year’s award was no exception as it features a lot of interesting titles which were recognized in the award’s numerous categories.

For next year, Taipei Game Show is expanding the award with a new “Best Student Game” category. With this, the event aims to recognize titles that are made by student game developers instead of only titles from pro/semi-pro studios.

The Indie Game Award 2024 will feature a total of nine awards, including “Best Narrative,” ” Best Audio,” ” Best Visual Art,” “Best Design,” “Best Innovation,” “Best VR Game,” “Best Mobile Game,” ” Grand Prix,” and “Best Student Game.”

As with previous awards, the winners in each category will get to showcase their games at the the 2024 Taipei Game Show. Finally, the recipient of the ” Grand Prix” will receive a cash prize of USD 1,000.

Registration for the upcoming Indie Game Award is live now until October 11, 2023. For the complete details, visit the official website.