One Punch Man: World Closed Beta Test now live in SEA

The One Punch Man: World CBT is now live in Southeast Asia!

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Following its announcement and subsequent pre-registration in selected territories, Perfect World Games finally announced that the One Punch Man: World mobile game’s Closed Beta Test (CBT) is now live in Southeast Asia.

One Punch Man: World is the latest video game adaptation of the iconic One Punch Man anime and manga series. In this game, players will be able to enjoy a story that features original content based on the beloved series.

On the gameplay front, this upcoming title promises to deliver lots of action as players will be able to enjoy playable versions of iconic moments from the series. Plus, Saitama will also be in the game in the QTE mode.

Each of the game’s characters will have an exclusive attack style and unique abilities. Players must learn and master these if they want to defeat the game’s various bosses.

Players who prefer going solo can enjoy this title, though it will also feature a multiplayer co-op mode for groups.

The game is described as:

“It’s your turn to become a hero for fun in this highly-anticipated, action-packed, and immersive game set in the world of the hit anime series, One Punch Man – ONE PUNCH MAN: WORLD. Follow the journey of Saitama, a Hero for Fun. Play the game, play the anime. Defeat the Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, Beast King, and many other familiar bosses from the series.”

For more info on One Punch Man: World and its closed beta test, visit the game’s official website, Facebook page, and Discord channel.