Spy x Family Season 2 shares opening credits featuring new song by Ado

The new Spy x Family opening is directed by Devilman Crybaby director, Masaaki Yuasa!

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With the season’s release just a few days away, the official Spy x Family Season 2 opening credits was shared online, and it features a new song by Ado titled “Kura Kura.”

What’s also interesting about the show’s opening is its unique animation. The previous two openings were already eye-catching, but this one might just be the most unique. That’s no surprise given that the opening animation is directed by Masaaki Yuasa, the renowned anime director behind titles like Devilman Crybaby, The Tatami Galaxy, Inu-Oh, and more.

The opening song is also quite an earworm as it’s performed by Ado, the popular Japanese singer whom you may know as the singing voice of Uta in One Piece Film: Red.

The Spy x Family Season 2 opening was shared on the TOHO animation official YouTube channel. You can watch it here:

Spy x Family was one of the most popular anime of 2022, and for good reason. The show pretty much had something for everyone as it features action, comedy, a bit of romance, and a whole dose of family wholesomeness.

Thanks to this, the show was a huge hit last year, so much so that it quickly got renewed for a second season. On top of the upcoming season, there will also be an anime film with an original story that will release in Japan this December. Fingers crossed that it also gets released in Philippine cinemas soon.

Spy x Family’s second season will premiere on Netflix in the Philippines and other selected Asian regions on October 7.