Spy x Family Season 2 will only have 12 episodes

At least a Spy x Family movie is coming this December.

Spy x Family Season 2 has finally begun airing, though sadly for fans, the new season will only have 12 episodes. This was confirmed in the listing for the show’s upcoming Blu-ray release.

Specifically, details about the show’s season 2 Blu-ray volume release were shared on the official website. There, it’s confirmed that Volume 3 (which is Season 2’s final volume) will include episodes 34 to 37. Given that the first season had 25 episodes, this means the show’s new season will be half that length.

The terminology for anime seasons can be a bit confusing as the first season was split into two, with the first airing from April to June while the next aired from October to December. For the purposes of Spy x Family, these two parts are considered season one.

Season 2 only being 12 episodes long makes sense considering that there’s not enough manga source material for more episodes. After all, the Spy x Family manga only gets one chapter every two weeks. And recently, the manga has skipped some weeks, meaning fans had to wait a bit longer for new chapters.

Fans can at least look forward to an original movie titled Spy x Family Code: White which will be released in Japan this December. Hopefully, it gets released in other countries soon as well.

In the meantime, the new season promises to be just as good as the first one based on the premiere episode.

Spy x Family Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix, Muse Asia, and other streaming platforms in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, fans in the US, Europe, and other regions can stream the show on Crunchyroll.