SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada makes sure that you’re never alone

We're not talking about multiplayer, either.

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When it comes to games that utilize AI-powered companions, no title has as much ambition as SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada. With the catchphrase being, “I’m with you,” the game kicks things up a notch by focusing heavily on the power of friendship–regardless of whether you’re going solo or firing up multiplayer. After sitting down with Game Producer Yosuke Futami, we get a clearer picture of the game’s vision as it aims to go beyond having the typical CPU in-game partner, and offers an actual emotional experience.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz surrounding SYNDUALITY as it showcased a sweet anime aesthetic, some heavy-hitting action, potential for a compelling story, and the ever so intriguing “Magus” that serves as your guide throughout the game. 

Futami tells us more about these armored AI allies which accompany you on your journey through a war-torn year 2222. The Magus are heavy, mechanical badasses that take inspiration from Final Fantasy VI’s Magitek, Zone of The Enders’ Jehuty, and just a little bit of Masami Yūki’s Patlabor.


SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada’s Magus AI goes beyond the usual in-game banter and sporadic tooltips during early stages. You get a companion who’ll offer advice, provide conversation, and essentially stick with you indefinitely. It’s safe to say that once you’re with a Magus you’re bound by blood–until you switch to another, or you lose said Magus in a gunfight.

The PVPVE aspect of the game factors into this as you choose between becoming a Drifter who gathers resources and yearns for a peaceful futuristic life, or a mecha-clad ne’er-do-well who revels in banditry by accosting other players. Regardless of the path you choose, your Magus will attempt to influence, and in turn, adapt to your actions

It’s worth noting that the “friendship” you’ll foster with each Magus can’t be adjusted. There are no settings to tone down the dialogue, and no function to prohibit it from advising you on what to do. Switching or losing in PVP are the only option.

Futami emphasizes that these are things to worry about later on in the game. One of the main goals behind developing the Magus was to simply welcome the player. Newcomers would have someone to show them the ropes, give valuable advice, and keep them company as they learn. More experience players in the genre would have an open challenge as the Magus would also dare you to attempt risky maneuvers after seeing how you handle the game. Different gamers with different sensibilities will find a way to play.

At the end of the day, SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada will, quite simply, be with you.