Hades is coming to iOS via Netflix Games

There's no plans for an Android release though.

Along with updates and trailers for upcoming shows, Netflix announced that it is bringing Hades to iOS via its Games platform.

Specifically, it was revealed that Hades is coming to select Apple devices exclusively on the Netflix Games platform. This will mean Apple users who want to play the game will need a Netflix account and subscription to play the game. Plus, it was confirmed that only iPhones and iPads with iOS 16 and above will be able to play the game.

Given the power of Apple’s mobile chips, Hades should have no issues running on iPhones and iPads. As for controls, Supergiant Games revealed in a recent blog post that the game’s iOS version will have fully customizable touch controls, as well as support for Bluetooth controllers.

The blog post also revealed that the game will feature Cloud Saves and Achievements on iOS, though there will be no cross-platform save transfer options for other versions. It was also revealed there that the studio Secret 6 is taking the lead in the game’s development.

Finally, it was confirmed that there are no plans yet for releasing the game on Android. For the foreseeable future, the game will be a Netflix Games exclusive.

Hades will be released via Netflix Games in 2024. Currently, there’s no word yet on a specific release date.