Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth shares prologue and new character info

RGG Studio shared new details on Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth's prologue and the new characters.

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With Gaiden already being available now, RGG Studio is hyping up the next installment in the series – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – with new prologue and character details.

Infinite Wealth continues Ichiban Kasuga’s story which began in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This time, he finds himself in Hawaii, and his new adventure sees him alongside the legendary Kazuma Kiryu as he faces one final battle in his twilight years.

To give players a better idea of what to expect in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, RGG Studio shared a helpful prologue synposis:

“The year is 2022. Ichiban Kasuga works tirelessly to uphold the legacy of his mentor, Masumi Arakawa. He helps rehabilitate former members of yakuza groups into society at Hello Work.

His comrades who fought alongside him have also returned to their daily lives and are chasing new dreams.

However, when a video slandering Kasuga makes its way onto the web, their lives plummet into free fall. Meanwhile, Ebina, captain of the Seiryu Clan—a yakuza organization with deep roots in Yokohama—introduces Kasuga to a man from his past, Jo Sawashiro. Out of the man’s lips comes a devastating revelation: Akane—Kasuga’s mother and the woman whom Arakawa loved—is alive in Hawaii. With little time remaining, she wishes to see her son one last time. Sawashiro bows before Kasuga and begs him to honor her wish. Touched by his plea, Ichiban Kasuga sets off on a journey to deliver Arakawa’s ashes.

There, on that small slice of paradise, he encounters the Dragon of Dojima—Kazuma Kiryu…

Kiryu and Kasuga. A pair of souls who bear the mark of the dragon.

Their fateful encounter sets in motion a grand conspiracy that will envelop two distant worlds… ”

Along with story details, RGG Studio also revealed images and info on new and returning characters.

New and Returning Characters Spotlight

Ichiban and Kiryu are the main stars of the game, though it will also have many returning characters such as Jo Sawashiro, the former Captain of the Arakawa Family, as well as Seonhee, the Commander of the Yokohama Liumang and Geomijuli who was initially an antagonist to Ichiban’s crew.

Fans who played Yakuza 7 will also be happy to know that previous party members are returning, including Yu Nanba, Koichi Adachi, Saeko Mukoda, Joongi Han, and Tianyou Zhao.

Meanwhile, the new characters include:

  • Eiji Mitamura – A young man who forms a bond with Kasuga after they ride the same plane to Hawaii.
  • Eric Tomizawa – A Hawaiian taxi driver whom Ichiban befriends when he arrives in Hawaii.
  • Chitose Fujinomiya – A housekeeper in Hawaii whom Ichiban also meets, though she harbors a deep-seated secret.
  • Masataka Ebina – The Captain of the Seiryu Clan.

Exploring Hawaii

Finally, the game’s Hawaii map promises to be a huge area to explore. To make exploration easier, Ichiban and his crew can hail a taxi via an app, ride an electric scooter, and ride a trolleybus.

The game’s Hawaii map also features lots of pretty sights, though there is a seedy underbelly that lurks beneath.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be released on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2024,