OPPO Find N3 Flip: Hasselblad Cameras and Features for Stunning Photos

The OPPO Find N3 Flip is the first flip foldable to feature a dedicated telephoto camera. Plus, its Hasselblad shooter setup promises to be excellent for mobile photography.

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OPPO recently launched the Find N3 Flip in the Philippines, and it’s a flip foldable that promises to be a top-tier flagship for photography. After all, it is currently the only clamshell foldable with a dedicated telephoto shooter in a triple rear camera setup. Other foldables in this category only feature main and ultrawide cameras. 

The Find N3 Flip’s cameras also carry the Hasselblad branding – an iconic name in photography. After all, Hasselblad cameras are considered some of the best cameras that you can buy if you want truly impressive photos. 

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about though, we’ve got you covered. Here, we explain what makes Hasselblad special, as well as why the Hasselblad and OPPO partnership for the Find N3 Flip makes for an excellent smartphone for photography. 

What Exactly is a Hasselblad Camera?

Image Source: Hasselblad website

If you ask a pro photographer what their dream camera is if money is no object, chances are that a Hasselblad will be the answer. If you’re unfamiliar, Hasselblad is a Swedish company that specializes in Medium Format cameras. 

What makes the Medium Format special is that this type of camera uses a much larger sensor (for digital Medium format cameras) compared to the more usual Full Frame or APS-C mirrorless/DLSR camera. Because having a larger sensor size means better image quality, colors, and detail, a Medium Format camera can take even better photos than most of today’s more common pro cameras. 

Hasselblad is one of the few companies that specialize in Medium Format cameras. Many consider its lineup to be at the pinnacle when it comes to quality. This should come as no surprise as Hasselblad has a long history of creating cameras. In fact, NASA used a Hasselblad camera to capture photos of the moon in the Apollo program. Yes, that means the iconic moon landing shots were taken with a Hasselblad. 

Image Source: Hasselblad website

Of course, getting your hands on a Hasselblad camera is going to cost an eye-watering amount of money. Thankfully, Hasselblad has collaborated with select brands to bring the Hasselblad experience to budding photographers. 

Among these brands is OPPO. The partnership between the two dates back to last year. Since then, OPPO has released several flagship phones that were developed in collaboration with the historic camera manufacturer. The latest is the new Find N3 Flip. 

The OPPO Find N3 Flip’s Hasselblad Camera Features

So, what exactly does Hasselblad bring to the table for the Find N3 Flip’s cameras? For starters, The Find N3 Flip features Hasselblad Natural Color Calibration which promises to give photos more natural colors instead of the unnaturally saturated hues of photos by other phones. 

The results are quite impressive as photos taken with the Find N3 Flip’s three cameras have great colors that still look quite natural. Check out some samples here:

For those who want to be a bit more experimental with colors, the Find N3 Flip also features various filters that are said to “borrow inspiration from photography masters.” These filters adjust the colors of a shot for a more dramatic and creative photo. 

Here are some more samples:

As a bonus, the phone also feature Hasselblad’s signature shutter sound, as well as a professional-looking watermark that frames your creative shots well. 

Recreate Iconic Hasselblad Camera Shots with the Find N3 Flip

Hasselblad has made various iconic cameras over the years, and with the Find N3 Flip, you can get to experience a taste of what it’s like to use one. 

Years ago, Hasselblad teamed up with Fuji for the XPan, a unique dual-format 35mm camera that captures photos in a seriously wide 65:24 aspect ratio. This makes for a dramatic panorama image that is a great fit for landscape photos and gives photographers a unique photography style to play around with. 

For the Find N3 Flip, OPPO revived the XPan as the new foldable features an XPan mode for that emulates this retro camera. This should be an interesting alternative to capture incredibly wide photos like these:

Aside from panorama shots, the Find N3 Flip also features a portrait mode that recreates the effect of a Hasselblad XCD lens, giving portrait photos the bokeh flare of a classic Hasselblad camera. Check out some samples here:

This bokeh style, combined with the Find N3 Flip’s image quality makes the new OPPO foldable a veritable studio in your pocket for portrait photography. 

The First Telephoto Camera in a Flip Foldable and More

On top of all the Hasselblad features, the Find N3 Flip’s killer camera feature is the dedicated 32MP telephoto camera that complements its 50MP main and 48MP ultrawide.

With this camera, the phone can capture photos with up to 20x zoom while still maintaining surprisingly good quality. Here’s a look at the telephoto camera’s capabilities:

As a bonus, the Find N3 Flip’s design also gives budding photographers a couple of cool shooting modes that are only possible with a flip foldable. 

For instance, the phone supports a DV Recording mode that allows users to capture videos like a retro video camera. There’s also the ability to frame low-angle shots by folding the screen, meaning you won’t have to break your back to get that creative low-angle photo. 

Plus, you can take selfies using the Hasselblad triple camera setup thanks to the nifty vertical cover display which gives you a full look at selfies. 

OPPO Find N3 Flip: Price and Availability in the Philippines

Thanks to its excellent triple rear camera setup, the OPPO Find N3 Flip is definitely the flip foldable to beat. What’s more, the phone also offers a true flagship experience in terms of design, display, and performance. 

So, if you want a top-tier, spare-no-expense foldable, the OPPO Find N3 Flip can be yours for PHP 64,999 in the Philippines. 

The Find N3 Flip is available on LazadaShopee, and TikTok Shop. Each purchase comes with an OPPO Enco Air3 (worth PHP 3,999) and OPPO Band2 (worth PHP 3,999). 

The phone comes with free shipping discount, as well as 0% interest installment via SPayLater and 0% interest installment via LazPayLater.

Meanwhile, MyOPPO app users can get exclusive perks by purchasing the Find N3 Flip. The first 50 users can get 5,000 Mabuhay Miles. The first 100 users can then claim one-time free access to any PAGSS Premium lounge. Finally, exclusive gift sets from MAC Cosmetics, Jo Malone London, Estee Lauder, Origins, or Clinique can be redeemed until supplies last.

The phone will also be available via Globe Plan 1499 with PHP 34,000 cash out. On Smart, the phone will be available via Smart Postpaid Plan 1999 with cash-out. These offers also come with a free OPPO Enco Air3 (worth PHP 3,999) and OPPO Band2 (worth PHP 3,999).

To top it off, the Find N3 Flip is available through Home Credit and Credit Cards. On Home Credit, the phone can be availed in installment plans of 6/9/12/15/18 months at 0% interest (with the lowest monthly payment being PHP 1,676/month in all OPPO stores partnered with Home Credit nationwide). Meanwhile, the phone is available at 6 or 12-month installment payment plans via credit cards.