Persona 3 Reload: New details for Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Fuuka revealed

Mitsuru, Akihito, and Fuuka sport fresh new looks for Persona 3 Reload!

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In the leadup to the game’s release, SEGA and Atlus shared new Persona 3 Reload details, including new images of Akihito, Mitsuru, and Fuuka. Along with these, there are also new details about what to expect from Tartarus in this new remake, as well as a look at even more Social Links.

To star, here’s a look at the updated designs for Akihito, Mitsuru, and Fuuka in their new Tartarus outfits.

First up is Akihito who now sports metal gloves as befits the president of the boxing club. There’s also his Persona, Polydeuces.

Next is Mitsuru whose new Tartarus look for Persona 3 Reload is an eye-catching update to her school attire. Also included is an image of Mitsuru’s Persona, Penthesilea.

Finally, we have Fuuka, SEES’ supporter who helps examine enemy weaknesses and help in exploration. She can do this thanks to her Persona, Lucia.

New Tartarus Details

In Persona 3 Reload, Tartarus is getting big upgrades. Aside from having a more striking design per level, players can now run inside the labyrinth as well as use Auto Recovery to restore HP to party members with just a single button. There will also be breakable objects and locked treasure chests to watch out for. Players can also send out a party member to do Reconnaissance so they can look for a path to the next floor.

As with the original, players will be able to draw cards via Shuffle Time which happens after winning a battle. Aside from getting new Persona, Shuffle Time can also reward players with Major Arcana which have unique effects such increasing experience gained or boosintg All-Out Attack damage. Exceeding the limit of Major Arcana cards will also give players an Arcana Burst that power ups their Major Arcana’s effects.

Players can also look out for Monad’s Door which will appear inside of Tartarus. Players will face fearsome Shadows here, but there will be rewards by defeating them such as Major Arcana, as well as weapons, outfits, and other items.

Of course, players must also watch out for the Reaper who returns to face players who spend too long in Tartarus.

More Social Links Highlighted

Finally, Atlus shared new images of the game’s Social Links which players can meet in town. For this remake, the Social Links are now fully voiced and have new art.

The newly-shown Social Links include:

  • Informercial Company President: Tanaka (voiced by Bin Shimada)
  • Eccentric Monk: Mutatsu (voiced by Shin Aomori)
  • Track Team Star: Mamoru Hayase (voiced by Yūichirō Umehara)
  • Online Friend: Maya
  • Shrine Girl: Maiko Oohashi (voiced by Hiyori Kono)
  • Man at Death’s Door: Akinari Kamiki (voiced by Hirofumi Nojima)
  • Secondhand Bookstore Owners: Mitsuko Kitamura (voiced by Sanae Takagi) and Bunkichi Kitamura (voiced by Naoki Tatsuta)

Persona 3 Reload will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 2, 2024.

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