A Hunter x Hunter fighting game is in development

Hunter x Hunter is getting a fighting game, with more details to come in January.

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A Hunter x Hunter is receiving a fighting game is now under development, with Bushiroad and Eighting handling its production.

The news came from Jump Fest 2024, but so far, there are no solid details about this upcoming game. Bushiroad will have its own presentation and will share further details about the Hunter x Hunter fighting game, on January 6, 2024.

For now, we can only leave it all to speculations on how the untitled Hunter X Hunter fighting game will turn out. Though there is hope that this will be satisfying for fans as Eighting (8ing) is involved in the development of the game. The studio already has lots of experience in developing fighting games, some of which are also based on popular shonen anime namely Naruto and Bleach.

Hunter X Hunter game

Eighting also worked with Bandai in developing a 3D fighting game series for the Kamen Rider franchise titled Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes. Their latest project is also a fighting game titled DNF Duel, which is co-developed by Arc System Works and Neople.

As for the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime, there’s still no news if a new season of the anime is in production, but Togashi Yoshihiro, the author of the series, shared that the new chapter for the manga was already completed back in March. However, as of today, there is no official announcement if the Hunter x Hunter manga will return in serialization.

Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus since January 2023 due to Togashi’s health. Currently, there are 400 chapters with the ongoing Succession Contest Arc, following Kurapika’s mission to protect the Fourteenth Prince of the Kakin Empire while he tries to recover his clan’s eyes from the other prince of the said empire.

Source: Animenewsnetwork