Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is now available globally

The new Black Clover mobile game is finally out now on Android and iOS!

After its release announcement, Garena finally launched Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King on Android and iOS devices globally.

Given the popularity of the Black Clover anime and manga, this game’s release got a lot of interest. In fact, it clinched the number one spot on App Store download charts in more than 100 markets within the first 12 hours of pre-downloads being made available. On top of this, the game got over five million pre-registrations.

Exclusive launch rewards through limited-time events and missions are up for grabs

To celebrate the game’s release, Garena is offering a bunch of in-game goodies to players, including Mimosa and her exclusive costume – Cafe Uniform to all pre-registrants. Players can also unlock other rewards in the game right now such as  SSR Charlotte, an additional guaranteed SSR character, and more.

The game’s first season is also live now, and it features summon and mission events. For starters, there’s the Selective Summon, Season 1 Rate-Up Summon <Clover Academy>, and New Mage Rate-Up Pickup. This will give players a guaranteed SSR mage along with <Clover Academy> mages Asta, Yami, and Mimosa, as well as <Captain of the Black Bulls> SSR Yami.


Players can also unlock exclusive rewards through the following mission events:

  • Season 1-exclusive events:
    • [Season 1] Gateway of Reunion: 1 Free Season SSR mage
    • Special Episode – Noelle’s Rage: Stamina, R/SR/SSR shared mage pieces, and the ultimate grand prize will be Noelle’s Costume Box!
  • Attendance events:
    • Novice Mage’s 7-Day Missions: Bond Summon Tickets, Black Crystals*2300, SSR Mage Exp Potion, SSR Shared Mage Pieces, etc.
    • Release Commemoration Event (7 days): Black Crystals*400, Yul*300,000 ○ Novice Mage Attendance (5 days): Summon Ticket*10, Gift Box, etc.
    • Chapter Unlocking Event: Up to Black Crystal*6000
    • Patrol Stage Star Accumulating Event: Up to Summon Tickets*45
    • Rank Up Reward Event: Up to Summon Tickets*40

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is now available for free with in-app purchases on the App Store and Google Play Store. The game features Japanese audio with eight subtitle options, including English, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.