Flame Keeper is now available in Hong Kong and Japan

You can now play Flame Keeper on Nintendo Switch through the Hong Kong and Japan Eshop!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Flame Keeper is now available on the Nintendo Eshop for Hong Kong and Japan.

From Soft Source Pte Ltd, a Singaporean publisher, in collaboration with Untold Tales S.A. and developer Kautki Cave, Flame Keeper is an action-packed rogue-lite where players embark on a journey as Ignis to recover the stolen Eternal Flame from shadowy creatures. Engage in intense combat with a variety of unrelenting monsters across diverse biomes, utilizing fiery combat skills to overcome challenges.

Check out the launch trailer for Flame Keeper:

As you progress through the game, you’ll be given multiple options to upgrade your character. Various skills and abilities can be unlocked by collecting seeds from defeated enemies or completing specific tasks.

However, Flame Keeper does have a few unique features to shake up the formula. In the middle of all the chaos, you can’t just keep attacking to your heart’s content. There is a stamina system that needs to be considered. Additionally, the main goal is to gather enough energy to take back to the Fire Camps. However, the energy you get also acts as your health. You have to decide as to whether or not you’ll invest the energy to charge up the Fire Camps or keep yourself healthy with more health.

Flame Keeper is more than just your typical rogeu-lite. This is a game that’s been out for quite some time already and even in its initial launch, it’s already being praised as a unique twist in the genre that’s worth checking out. Now you can do so with Hong Kong and Japan Nintendo Eshops.