Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds Documentary is coming to Disney+ in 2024

Kojima fans will soon be able to stream the iconic director's new documentary.

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After premiering back in June at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, Kojima Productions announced that the Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds documentary will be streamed on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

As one of gaming’s most well-known directors, it made sense that Kojima got a documentary that gives fans an insight into his creative mind. And to get more insight on the documentary itself, you can check out its trailer here:

As its title implies, this documentary follows Kojima’s development and launch of Death Stranding. It also gives insight into the launch of his independent studio.

The documentary is described as:

“This visually captivating documentary gives a rare insight into Hideo Kojima’s creative process as he launches his own independent studio and creates the groundbreaking game DEATH STRANDING. Featuring contributions from visionary artists such as George Miller, Guillermo del Toro, Nicholas Winding Refn, Grimes, Norman Reedus, Woodkid, Chvrches and many others, this thoughtful film explores the power and potential of video games as an art form through the work of an influential talent revered by millions worldwide. It is directed by Glen Milner and produced by Ben Hilton for Filmworks, London.”

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds is coming to Disney+ in Spring 2024. For now, there’s no info yet on a more specific release date.