HONOR announces strategic partnership with Porsche Design

HONOR and Porsche Design will unveil a jointly-developed phone in January.

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HONOR recently announced that it has teamed up with Porsche Design in a strategic partnership for high-end luxury products.

Porsche Design is a lifestyle luxury brand that was founded by F.A. Porsche, the designer of the iconic Porsche 911. Since then, the brand has released a wide array of luxury products, as well as collaborated with tech brands for special product releases.

For its latest partnership, the German design studio teamed up with HONOR for a range of new high-end products. While their actual product collab has yet to be revealed, the two brands did share a teaser poster featuring the iconic 911 sports car. The visual also features what seems to be a prototype design for a limited edition smartphone.

“HONOR’s human-centric design melds with Porsche Design’s brand philosophy to create intelligent luxury products that will accelerate the mobile lifestyle of tech enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados alike. This long-term collaboration between HONOR and Porsche Design opens exciting new opportunities to bolster our growth in markets around the world,” said George Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of HONOR.

HONOR and Porsche Design will introduce their first jointly developed smart device in China in January 2024. For now though, there’s no word yet on a global launch for this upcoming device.