Netflix and Wit Studio announced a One Piece anime remake

After the live-action series became a huge global hit, the original One Piece anime is getting the remake treatment.

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At Jump Festa 2024, it was announced that the One Piece anime is getting a remake courtesy of Wit Studio and Netflix.

This remake was revealed via a teaser movie that was shown at the Shonen Jump event, and it was soon shared online on various platforms like Wit Studio’s YouTube channel and the official Netflix anime X (or Twitter) account.

This teaser does not feature actual clips. Instead, it’s more of a creative announcement that shows off the teaser illustration of Luffy as a kid. Check it out here:

According to the announcement, this new One Piece anime project will cover the story beginning from the East Blue saga. This might mean there are future plans for it to continue to the Alabasta saga onwards, though it’s not clear if this will remake the entire anime. After all, with over 1,000 episodes, that is an incredibly tall order.

Still, a One Piece remake from the studio behind Spy x Family and and Attack on Titan Season 1-3 is exciting news. After all, while the original anime is still entertaining, it has shown its age. So, a high-budget remake should be a great watch, especially for those who got hooked into the series thanks to Netflix’s live-action adaptation.

For now, there’s no word yet on regarding a release date for the remake. Chances are that we’ll have to wait a while as the show is likely still early into its production considering there are no actual clips yet from the anime.