One Punch Man: World pre-registration in SEA is still open

There's still time to pre-register for One Punch Man: World ahead of the game's release.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

One Punch Man: World opened pre-registrations in SEA some weeks ago, but don’t worry if you haven’t done it yet as registration for the game is still open. This means SEA players can still get the various pre-registration rewards that are up for grabs when the game is launched.

Players who pre-register today for this game will get exciting rewards such as Saitama – Job Hunting, Disclosure Privilege x10, Energy x600, and World Silver x600.

What’s more, there will also be a bunch of other freebies when pre-registration milestones are met. Specifically, exclusive perks such as Disclosure Privilege (drawing tickets) can be had pre-registrants hit 1 million, 1.5 million, and 2 million. Players can also get in-game items like World Silver and Energy, as well as rare SR Impression Arms and Namecard backgrounds if they get lucky.

As a bonus, if the number of pre-registrations surpass 3 million, players will get 10 Disclosure Privilege and the opportunity to play as the Saitama – Job Hunting.

One Punch Man is an anime that needs no introduction as it is still one of the most well-known shonen action shows. This upcoming title is the latest video game entry in the franchise, and it promises to deliver exciting action featuring the various friends and foes of Saitama.

Moreover, this game will feature a unique storyline that promises to delve deep into the other cast of characters.

The One Punch Man: World will be released soon on Android and iOS in SEA. Meanwhile, the game is confirmed to be released in the US and other select regions this January.