Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 Celebrates Christmas with Collab Event in the Philippines, With More in Store in 2024

Here's what went down at the recent ROM Eternal Love 2.0 event at WouldULike!

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It has been quite a year for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0, and to both mark the year that has passed and to welcome even more events and updates in store for fans, a special Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 Christmas event happened at WouldULike Specialty Coffee in Marikina for Filipino fans to enjoy.

This multi-day event was a treat for fans of the game as it featured special menu items, cool activities, a wide array of merch, and special guests that attendees were able to meet.

Called a “Unique ROM Christmas Experience,” this event was no doubt a fun holiday experience for ROM players, especially as it also gave fans a taste of what to expect in 2024.

In case you weren’t able to visit though, here’s a quick recap of what went down during the event, as well as what fans can expect in-game in the coming weeks and monhts.

A Unique ROM Christmas Experience at WouldULike

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has been enjoyed by players from all over the world for years now, and in 2022, the game’s Version 2.0 was released which shook up the game in a major way. Since then, the game has gotten lots of updates, including the recent Tears of the Tyrant update.

This new update was one of the main highlights of the Unique ROM Christmas Experience at WouldULike in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina. We were able to visit the event’s final day on December 24 which proved to be its biggest. After all, present at the event was Myrtle Sarrosa, one of the Philippines’ premiere cosplayers and gaming content creators.

At the event, Myrtle hosted a bunch of activities, not to mention that fans in attendance also got to enjoy a meet-and-greet session with her.

There, we got to have a quick chat with Myrtle where she shared her thoughts on the event:

“My most memorable part of the day was getting to meet all of the other adventurers from multiple guilds to have fun here today. And to get the taste of Poring Cream Puffs, [but most importantly] is to just meet other players as well. I think that’s like the most important takeaway today – to meet new people and to have fun together.”

Myrtle also had great things to say about the event’s charity component:

“I’m very grateful [for the event]. I didn’t expect that so many guilds and guild leaders would be attending their event that day, and we’re very blessed because this event is more for charity. Every single purchase here will be going to a greater cause. It’s amazing that people who went here are also giving back and at the same time giving love this Christmas.”

Yes, as Myrtle said, some of the proceeds from merch sales at the event will be given to charity, meaning players not only got to have a great time, but they’ll also be happy to know that they’ll be able to help those who need it this holiday season.

What’s even better about the charity sale is that the goodies that were part of the offer were incredibly cute collectibles for fans. For instance, there were the ROM x Kumamon collab items which feature the iconic Japanese mascot Kumamon in special Ragnarok M: Eternal Love-inspired designs.

Of course, merch isn’t the only highlight at the event. After all, a collab café won’t be complete without food and drinks. In this regard, the event did not disappoint.

As with other WouldULike café collabs, this one with ROM featured special drinks that came with collectible cans. There’s also a scrumptious set of Poring cream puffs that are too adorable to eat (but they’re very much delicious).

On top of the food and drinks, attendees were also able to participate in an Adventure Log quest. By completing these during the event, players received all sorts of goodies.

To top it all off, the café also featured a wide array of design elements inspired by the game, especially the Tears of the Tyrant update which happened fairly recently.

The entire event was a delight for fans. In fact, we got to chat with some of them, and they shared how much fun they had.

To start, we got to chat with ROM content creator ϲհօϲօʍíղԵ who said:

The ROM Café Event is a lot of firsts for me – it is the first time ROM hosted a themed café and it is also my first time cosplaying and I chose to be Elga, a character from the collab anime of ROM which is “Uncle from Another World”, and I am so happy that even Myrtle herself appreciated my cosplay. 

I am grateful to all who made this event possible and did not expect the overwhelming support of players. Looking forward to the next offline event with a bigger and better surprise! 

Other attendees and players also had nice things to say about the event:

Also, i love coffee that makes me want to experience it. I’ve met people online to real life. And, funny part there is i have known a player since day one and we’ve met after 5 years. The connection of RO:M as players play together are considered from Online Friends to Real Life Friends. RO:M gave that experience to enjoy the game together with friends. Looking forward for more successful Events!

– Franzzyy 悪魔

If you ask me how my rom cafe experience went. Meeting players in real life and kinda unlocking their faces (haha!) was a really pleasant experience for me.  I was one of the few who got too excited and camped really early just to get ahold of the music box.

– TetuJaps Gaming

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 Celebrates Tears of the Tyrant

Tears of the Tyrant is a new version of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 which was launched on November 27. This is one of the biggest updates of the year for the game, especially as it features a vast open world that players can explore to their hearts’ content.

This new map was released to great fan response, and it served as one of the main themes of the ROM Eternal Love 2.0 event at WouldULike.

At the event, we were able to spot a note wall featuring well wishes from fans, indicating the positive reception to the patch.

That’s not all that was highlighted though as the event also gave fans a delectable taste of what to expect in the game in the coming weeks and 2024.

What to Expect from Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0, Including the Uncle from Another World Collab

Even before 2024 has begun, ROM Eternal Love 2.0 already has a treat for fans in the form of the Uncle from Another World collab. This collab went live on Christmas day and is available until January 25, 2024,

This event is a special crossover with Uncle from Another World, a unique isekai anime that follows Takafumi Takaoka who takes care of his Uncle who awakens from a 17-year coma. It is soon revealed that in those 17 years, the Uncle has been in another world as an Adventurer.

The special crossover is a must-play for ROM players who are also into anime. It’s not just a basic collab though as it features a lot of goodies, including a collaboration-exclusive hero class, costumes, and a mount.

Plus, players can enjoy a wide array of quests which will give a whole load of rewards.

As a cherry on top, ROM will not stop there as the game’s staff who were present at the recent event confirmed that fans will be in for even more treats in 2024. That’s because there are more events and updates in store for the coming year.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 is available right now and is free to play on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Players can also enjoy the game on PC via NoxPlayer and LDPlayer.