Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab gets new anime trailer featuring Yor and Chun-Li

Yor Forger and Chun-Li face off in this new Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 collab trailer!

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After being revealed a few months ago via a key visual, Capcom shared a new trailer for the Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab. Specifically, this collab is being made to promote the upcoming Spy x Family Code: White movie.

This trailer might not be that long, but it’s easily a must-watch for fans of both the anime and the game. That’s because it features Yor Forger aka Thorn Princess facing off in a (hopefully friendly) match with Chun-Li. What’s more, this trailer features a 2D anime style that’s made by Wit Studio, one of the studios behind the Spy x Family anime alongside Clover Works.

You can check out the trailer here:

Based on the anime short, it seems that Yor Forger will be the main Spy x Family character in this collab. For now though, there are no concrete details about what the collab will bring. The only thing confirmed is that there will be in-game events and items that are part of this crossover.

Given the focus on Yor in this trailer, fans are hoping that she will be a guest character. Or at the very least, a Yor outfit will be added to the game for Chun-Li.

The Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab will go live on January 9, 2024. More details about the collab are expected to be shared closer to its release date.

Meanwhile, the Spy x Family Code: White movie will be released in Japanese cinemas this December, though there’s no word yet on a release date in the Philippines and in other countries.