The Ultimate Laptop Holiday Gift Guide with ASUS & ROG Share 2023 

Here are our top device picks in the ASUS and ROG Share 2023 for your holiday shopping needs!

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The holidays are here, and if you are thinking of getting a laptop as a gift for your loved ones, ASUS and ROG have just the thing for you with  Share 2023. As with previous holiday seasons, ASUS and ROG are bringing back their Share promo which features big bundle deals on a wide array of laptops.

For Share 2023, there are lots of laptops available with bundle offers. These include the highest-end productivity and gaming machines, as well as more affordable options. Plus, ROG’s signature gaming phones are also part of the sale.

Given the number of devices on offer, it might be difficult to narrow down the holiday gift that you should get for your special someone (or maybe for yourself). If you’re having a hard time deciding, we’re here to help you out!

Here’s a rundown of our top laptop gift picks, ranging from the ultimate laptops to mid-range options.

ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU604VZ-NM049WS)

If you’re looking to gift yourself or a special someone an incredibly powerful gaming machine, then look no further than the ROG Zephyrus M16.

This laptop packs up to an RTX 4090 GPU and the top-of-the-line Intel processors. Our pick is the GU604VZ which comes with an Intel Core i9-13900H and an RTX 4080, complete with a 240Hz refresh rate screen and 32GB of RAM. With this configuration, this laptop will be easily able to run all the games that you’ll want to play.

Priced at PHP 249,995, this laptop comes with a bunch of freebies, including an ROG Backpack, ROG Gladius 3, and a Type-C PD Adapter. But the best part is, it comes with a ROG Phone 6 (yes, it’ll come with a free phone) and a 3-year warranty for a total PHP 51,490 bundle value. This makes it the ultimate choice for gamers this holiday season.

Zenbook Pro 15 Duo OLED (UX582ZM-H2046WS)

Now, if the gift you’re looking for is the ultimate laptop for productivity, there’s the Zenbook Pro 15 Duo OLED (UX582ZM) which features dual screens for easy multitasking. It should also hold up for content creation thanks to its Intel Core i9-12900H CPU, RTX 3060 GDDR6 GPU, and 32GB of RAM.

The laptop has a price tag of PHP 209,995, and during the Share 2023 promo, you can get it with a Delsey Luggage, an ASUS Marshmallow Mouse, an ASUS Deskmat, a Canon Printer, and an ASUS Premium Care 1-year warranty extension. As a bonus, the laptop packs a 3-month Adobe membership and MS Office.

ROG Strix G15 (G513RM-HF287W)

If you’re looking for a more bang-for-buck gaming laptop gift, you’ll want to look at the ROG Strix G15 (G513RM). This specific configuration is priced below PHP 100k, but it packs a powerful Ryzen 7-6800H and RTX 3060 combo, all on top of a 300Hz display and 16GB of RAM. Thanks to this, the laptop should make quick work of sports titles, all while having enough power for today’s triple-A games.

To make the deal even sweeter, each purchase of the PHP 89,995 priced Strix G15 will come with an ROG Backpack ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Type-C PD Adapter, and 3-year warranty during the Share 2023 offer.

Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition (UX5401ZAS-KN072WS)

Moving back to productivity, the special Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition is also part of the Share 2023 sale. This striking space-inspired laptop isn’t just a good-looking notebook, but it’s also a capable one for productivity thanks to its Intel Core i5-12500H processor and 16GB of RAM. This should make it a capable partner for office or school, as well as for light content creation.

This laptop in the i5 configuration is priced at PHP 79,995, and each purchase during the Share 2023 sale comes with a JBL Flip 5, ASUS Marshmallow Mouse, ASUS Deskmat, Laptop Stand, and ASUS Premium Care 1-year warranty extension. There’s also a 3-month Adobe Membership and MS Office included.

Bonus: ROG Phone 7 Ultimate (AI2205_D-5D043WW)

Finally, we have the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. This isn’t a laptop, but it’s still worth mentioning as it’s ROG’s top-tier gaming smartphone that’s the best partner for serious mobile gamers. After all, it packs a flagship processor, an ultra-fast refresh rate screen, and a bunch of gaming features.

During the ASUS and ROG Share 2023 sale, buyers can get the phone at a discounted price of PHP 66,995 – a tempting gift for those who want the best mobile gaming experience.

ASUS ROG Share 2023 Promo Now Live!

As mentioned, all these devices come with big bundle deals, making them perfect for your tech holiday shopping needs!

To top all these great deals off, ASUS is offering a complimentary warranty package with ASUS 4A Quality & Service. Essentially, purchases of the devices that are part of the Share 2023 promo will come with up to three years of international and/or local warranty, ASUS Perfect Warranty (Local Accidental Damage Protection), and ASUS Preventive Maintenance service. Thanks to this, buyers should get reliable after-sales service for their devices.

What’s more, the devices on offer during the sale come with Home Credit installment payment schemes, with options of 0% interest for up to 12 months on all ASUS and ROG products.

The ASUS and ROG Share 2023 promo is live now until January 15, 2024, on the ASUS Online Store where free shipping and extra bundle items can be had. The offers are also available on the ASUS and ROG Shopee Official Store, as well as on the Store.

For more info, visit the official Share 2023 website.