Amplitude Studios’ community event ‘Amplified 2024’ is back with big freebies and updates

Amplitude Studios is giving away Endless Legend for free and announced new updates for its two latest titles.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Amplitude Studios is celebrating its 13th anniversary at its Amplified 2024 event, and it features freebies as well as new updates for its latest titles.

The highlight of the event is no doubt Endless Legend being given away for free! This game is a 4X title released in 2014, and fans can get it for free by signing up to the Amplitude Games2Gether by visiting the Rewards Page. To get the game, simply click “Redeem” and link your Steam account. The game will then appear automatically in your Steam library.

Another highlight of Amplified 2024 is the new free update for Endless Dungeon which Amplitude Studios announced will launch today, January 18. The free update will come out on PC with the following new content:

  • Station Cards: At the start of each district, players can choose a card to stack a new bonus for their run for things like economy, turrets, medkits, and more!
  • District Drawbacks: When choosing a district, players will encounter a gameplay modifier and will need to adapt to survive!
  • 4 Alternative Monsters: Face off against terrifying variations of your favorite monsters. Acid beam spider, anyone?
  • New free skins: Created in collaboration with various content creators.

Also coming to both PC and consoles for free is the Japanese language voice pack, as well as two Japan-themed skins.

Finally, the definitive edition of Humankind is now available on PC. Players will also get the Georges Sand free update which features:

  • Culture Rebalancing: Many cultures from the base game, “Together We Rule”, and all DLCs have been tweaked.
  • Added a Dev Mode Menu: To help modders test their creations, we have added a dev mode tool.
  • Non-exclusive Culture Options: A new game setup option to allow more than one empire to play the same culture.
  • More map generation options: Map ratio, wonder density, and independent people density.
  • New and rebalanced AI personas: We’ve added over a dozen new personas for you to play against.


As for the Amplified 2024 stream, you can check the schedule here: (all times in Central European Time):

Don’t miss out on the stream by heading over to Amplitude’s official Twitch channel or by visiting the event hub.

While the stream will only happen until tomorrow, the Amplified 2024 event is live until January 24, 2024.