Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 is coming on February 6

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 will introduce the new realm Penacony.

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HoYoverse recently announced today that Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 titled “If One Dreams At Midnight” will be released on February 6.

This major Star Rail update is a big one as it introduces the highly-anticipated new realm — Penacony, Along with the new realm, the update will also feature new maps, storylines, and companions, as well as the initiation of Penacony’s main Trailblaze Missions.

Of course, a big update such as this won’t be complete without new characters. The new Version 2.0 update will introduce two long-awaited five-stars and a new four-star.

The premise of the  update and its corresponding new realm is as follows:

After pioneering various worlds such as the Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and Xianzhou Luofu, the Crew has received an invitation in the name of The Family to visit Penacony as honored guests for a grand event called the Charmony Festival. The core of Penacony is a gigantic interstellar hotel named The Reverie, attracting countless interstellar celebrities seeking a lavish luxurious retreat. Centuries ago, Penacony was once a frontier prison utilized by the IPC for detaining criminals. However, over the years, and through various incidents, the control of this planet shifted to The Family. Presently, Penacony has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a renowned cosmic vacation spot.

Once entering the hotel, Trailblazers will utilize Dreampool, a unique sleep device to visit the Dreamscapes. The Golden Hour which players are about to step into isn’t merely the first dream in the series; it stands out as one of the liveliest and most popular among the 12 Dreamscapes. In this realm, celebration and pleasure take center stage in this city: joyous dances and songs never cease, and the festivities never end. While navigating this region, Trailblazers will come across the Dream’s Eye—a wondrous device that utilizes visual illusions to seamlessly connect previously disjointed paths with significant height differences in an incredible way. Moreover, in the subsequent stories, Trailblazers will unlock the ability to Dreamwalk, allowing them to enjoy a unique experience of defying gravity and walking on walls and ceilings.

As for the playable characters, one of the highlights is Black Swan, a five-star character who is a Memokeeper in the Garden of Recollection. Black Swan’s theme is centered around cards, and when she uses Basic ATKs or Skills, there is a possibility of applying a stackable DoT effect called Arcana to the enemies. When enemies are under this state, Black Swan can trigger additional effects on them based on the number of Arcana stacks. Plus, as more stacks accumulate, the DoT inflicted increases.

Next is another five-star chracter, Sparkle. She is a dangerous master of drama with a thousand masks at her disposal which she can use to embody countless personas. Correspondingly, Sparkle will provide an additional increase to the team’s maximum Skill Point in battle. Her unique Skill also boosts the CRIT DMG of a designated teammate, as well as Advance Forwards that teammate’s Action, giving players more strategic options. Sparkle’s ultimate, meanwhile, is can restore multiple Skill Points for the team in one go, making her an invaluable supportive presence.

Finally, we have Misha, a four-star character who works as the doorman at The Reverie. When in combat, Misha’s ultimate will deliver more damage the more Skill Points the team uses. Misha also has a chance to Freeze the target with his ultimate.

On top of these three Version 2.0 will also feature tge limited 5-star characters Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae and Jing Yuan as they will appear in the first and second phase of Version 2.0’s event warp.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PS5. For more info on the upcoming update, visit the official website.