Monster Hunter x Zoids model kits are now available for pre-order

This new Monster Hunter x Zoids collab is made to celebrate the anniversaries of both franchises.

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Monster Hunter x Zoids is part of Takara Tomy’s Zoids’ 40th anniversary and Capcom’s Monster Hunter’s 20th anniversary, and this collab promises to delight fans of both franchises.

The Monster Hunter x Zoids collaboration model kits feature the Beast Liger and the Sonic Bird, taking the form of Magnamalo and Rathalos, respectively. Both model kits are now available for pre-order, and each has an estimated price of PHP 3,700.

Also, a special preview for the new products has been shared by Zoids’ official X (Twitter) account, highlighting the Monster Hunter X Zoids collaboration.

Both the Beast Liger and Sonic Bird appeared in Zoids’ sixth installment Zoids: Wild ZERO which followed the 2019 anime Zoids Wild. It was the long-awaited revival of the anime series of the franchise, and it reimagined the Zoids’ design.

Compared to previous entries, the Zoids of this series have a smaller scale, have more emphasis on the beast motif rather than its mech design, and the pilot sits on a special saddle near the head of the Zoids. Also, Zoids from this series are more sentient, highlighting that they are mechanical animals rather than pure machines.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter is gearing up for its upcoming installment the Monster Hunter Wilds, revealed at last year’s TGA 2023. Further details will come at a later date.