NIKKE developers apologize for plagiarism accusations

A dialogue has started between the two parties.

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The management team of Goddess of Victory: Nikke have reached out to Japanese character illustrator Neco, who has worked on Falslander and Synduality, for releasing a character design that looks similar to the artist’s designs. The NIKKE developers apologize for what happened and are working to see what fixes can be made.

The latest event released in NIKKE is called “New Year, New Sword” which features their latest Pilgrim character – Scarlet: Black Shadow. In this event, Scarlet looks back on her days before she even joined the Goddess Squad and was still part of the Melee Squad. It didn’t take long though for the public to notice how Scarlet: Black Shadow and the Mass-Produced Melee NIKKEs seemed to share similar design elements with Neco’s original, Falslander Samurai. These include the black suit, light colored hair style, a red string headdress, and a mask.

The Japanese artist took to twitter on December 29, 2023 to voice out his concerns. “When I went to see it, the parts composition was almost the same. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it’s sad that there are so many things happening one after the other.”

After just 2 days, Neco gave an update that the management team has reached out to him to apologize and acknowledge the similarities. Both parties are currently seeing what needs to be done to move forward.

Since then, there has been no other news regarding the matter. Here’s hoping that this will all have a positive outcome for everyone involved.