NIKKE Philippines x WouldULike 2024 Collab is underway!

New Year, New Sword - New NIKKE x WOULDULIKE Cans!

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It’s New Year, New Sword time! Just like last year, NIKKE Philippines is giving fans a way to start their year right by buying some awesome limited edition, waifu-themed cans from WouldULike. This time, the cups for the NIKKE Philippines x WouldULike 2024 Collab will come in the designs of the game’s most recent highlighted characters from its most recent patches for Christmas and New Year.

Photo credit to Anika Joven


This batch features 6 all-new designs that players can choose from. From the NEVERLAND Christmas patch that features the Snowfield Hot Springs come these 5 designs:

  • Ludmilla: Winter Owner (Limited SSR Unit)
  • Mica: Snow Buddy (Limited SSR Unit)
  • Anne: Miracle Fairy (Limited SSR Unit)
  • Blanc wearing Halcyon Days White Rabbit (Mission Pass Outfit)
  • Noir wearing Halcyon Days Black Rabbit (Mission Pass Outfit)

And, of course, to celebrate the beginning of 2024, we also have 1 design featuring the latest Pilgrim Unit to join the NIKKE roster and is also the star of the New Year, New Sword banner:

  • Scarlet: Black Shadow (New Pilgrim SSR Unit)

How do you get these awesome looking cans? You can get them by making a cold drink purchase at WouldULike to get a can design of your choice PLUS it also gets you a code for 100 gems per can (maximum redemption of 3 codes per account). If you have any queries about the promo, you can refer to this online doc for a quick FAQ.  Be sure to not delay ESPECILLY if you’re gunning after the Scarlet: Black Shadow as it was shared to us that it’s one of the designs that are going out quite fast.

The start of the new year is definitely looking fantastic especially since this NIKKE Philippines x WouldULike 2024 Collab is just one of the events that is currently happening with the game right now. Not only is the new Pilgrim unit out but you also have special Twitch drops, gem code giveaways, and a LOT more. Check out the various announcement in-game of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE as well as their official social platforms. Happy New Year, Commanders!