Tekken 8 brings in Brian Cox for a lore lowdown

We don't care if he phoned it in. He absolutely killed it.

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We’ve got just about two weeks before Bandai Namco releases Tekken 8, the latest installment in the popular franchise. Having the longest-running story in video game history, it’s only proper that they bring in someone with a tremendous amount of gravitas to give us a quick refresher on the story so far. Hollywood icon Brian Cox surprised everyone on the internet as he starred in Tekken 8’s new video summarizing key points in the game’s intriguing, and sometimes confusing storyline.

He made it simple for everyone, and we absolutely love it.

WATCH: Brian Cox gives us Tekken’s story so far

While an unexpected choice, Brian Cox definitely delivers in the 5-minute video. Just like he does in the series Succession, he turned this short clip into a thespian tour de force. From pronouncing all the names perfectly and giving the rich Tekken storyline a more theatrical vibe overall, we couldn’t think of anyone better for the job. Perhaps Christopher Walken, but we hear he’s busy these days.

It’s a quick rundown of all the major story beats involving the Mishima bloodline, and take up most of Tekken 1 to 3. This makes sense as Tekken 4 to 7 mostly involved fleshing out the rest of the ensemble cast.

As Brian Cox narrates over a sweet series highlight reel, we finally arrive at Tekken 8, and what to expect as the plot unfolds further. As the story comes full circle, we might just find out if the Mishima bloodline ends–or branches out anew. We’ve recently had the privilege of getting early scoops on what happens behind the scenes, and a few teases behind new characters. Now, this quick video was definitely the perfect appetizer for the main course coming out this month. This was definitely a cool move. Bandai Namco and everyone behind Tekken never fails to surprise us.

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