Valorant Episode 8 Act I introduces the Outlaw weapon

Outlaw is the first new weapon in Valorant since the game's launch!

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Valorant Episode 8 Act I is now live, and with it comes Outlaw, the first new weapon added to the game’s roster since launch.

The game’s latest episode introduces the Kuronami Skinline which is part of an all-new Battle Pass. There will also be a bunch of new items like the Fiber Optic Ghost, Tactiplay Phantom, Guardrail Hammer and Sunny Side Gun Buddy that are part of the pass.

Of course, the highlight of this new episode is no doubt the Outlaw as it’s the first new Valorant weapon since the game’s launch.

Outlaw is a double-barreled sniper rifle with the following features:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Stay Zoomed
    • Marshal and Operator break zoom when firing, the Outlaw doesn’t
  • 2 slugs in a magazine
  • Longer reload when empty
    • The Outlaw uniquely has different reload timings when its reloading from empty vs. just reloading 1 shot
  • 2,400 credits
    • Positioned between the Marshal and Operator in the pre-round item shop

To celebrate the weapon’s launch, Valorant has the new THROWBACK PACK: OUTLAW bundle which includes the following:

  • Bundle Price: 2,320 VP
  • What’s included:
    • Includes 2 skins, both with 3 color variants each
      • Prism//Reloaded Outlaw
        • Base Color – Purple iridescent variant
        • Variant 1 – Orange iridescent variant
        • Variant 2 – Pink iridescent variant
        • Variant 3 – Green iridescent variant
      • Ego Outlaw
        • Base Color – Korean text with “저지불가” and white/black stripes
        • Variant 1 – English text “Unstoppable” and red/black stripes
        • Variant 2 – Portuguese text “Imbatível” and white/tan stripes
        • Variant 3 – French text “Inarrêtable” and teal/purple stripes
      • Accessories
        • Outlaw Player Card
        • Outlaw Gun Buddy
        • Outlaw Spray
        • Outlaw Title

Want to know more about Outlaw? Visit the official Valorant website for an in-depth look at the weapon’s creation.