Helldivers 2 has already sold over 1 million units worldwide

It hasn't been a week since the game's release, but Helldivers 2 is already a hot seller.

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Just a couple of days after the game’s launch, Helldivers 2 has just been confirmed to have sold over 1 million units.

The game’s sales numbers were revealed by Arrowhead Games CEO Johan Pilestedt via X (formerly Twitter). Interestingly, Pilestedt did not exactly announce the milestone. Instead, he mentioned that Helldivers 2 now has around a million copies sold in response to a post about the new Helldivers game being on Steam’s current top-selling games list.

Pilestedt’s post did not exactly confirm if the sales refer to the combined number for PC and PS5. Whatever the case, it’s fair to say that the game has been a huge success.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ original Helldivers game was released back in 2015 on PlayStation and PC. Since then, the studio has not released a new game. What’s more, Helldivers 2’s announcement was a surprise to many, especially considering its switch from a top-down shooter to a third-person shooter.

The gameplay change seems to have worked in its favor as the game has become the biggest launch PC launch from PlayStation Studios to date. This is despite the rocky launch which saw many players have issues during the game’s first day. Thankfully, many of the issues have been fixed (at least on PC).

Helldivers 2 is out now on PS5 and PC via Steam.

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