Mecha girl action game Dolls Nest launches for PC in 2024

Awaken, my doll. It is time for battle.

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Developers NITRO PLUS and NITRO ARTS recently announced an upcoming mecha girl action game Dolls Nest that will launch for PC (via Steam) in 2024.


Check out the video below:


About the game:

Dolls Nest is a 3D action game where you control a mecha girl as she explores the gigantic factory world of Hod on her journey to uncover the truth.

Hod, the world which you inhabit, is a massive crater crawling with armored units. Broken machines and ruined buildings are strewn across its landscape. But fate can be cruel. You must scavenge the land for resources if you wish to survive in this ruined world.

Make use of the parts and items you find on your journey, and overcome the trials that lie before you.



My darling doll…

Your birth is nigh, so leave the cradle.

They plundered my body, my limbs ripped of, my eyes gouged.

To reclaim all ,I give birth to you.

Awaken, my doll. It is time for battle.

Key Features

  • Combat – Dodging and using weapons will consume energy. Be sure to manage your energy well and avoid running out of energy in the middle of a fight.
  • Exploration – Aim to defeat the area boss and discover new unexplored areas. Some events may even trigger along the way.
  • Customization – Frame Units are capable of changing out and customizing parts. Select parts that are best suited for the situation at hand.


Dolls Nest will have both English and Japanese language support.


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