SSR Black Asta arrives in Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King

Fans can now try their luck and pull for Black Asta in Black Clover M!

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Garena recently announced that the SSR Black Asta has finally debuted in the Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King mobile game.

The game also got new SSR characters: <Costume Party> Noel and Charmy. Of course, Black Asta is the highlight of the new Black Clover M update as Asta is the main character of the franchise.

In this version of Asta, he is a defender whose damage output and skill effects change based on the presence of his “Anti-Magic” effect. He can inflict HP recovery blocks on enemies, as well as increase SP for himself, making him a useful character in all sorts of fights.

Meanwhile, the SSR Costume Party Noelle Silva is able to reduce the SP of a single enemy with her Skill I [Water Prank], and all enemies with Skill II [Little Devil’s Prank]. She also has the [Trick Water] skill which lets her summon a giant water drop in the shape of a pumpkin which removes buffs on an enemy and decreases their SP. This makes her a capable debuffer.

Rounding out the new SSR characters is Costume Party Charmy Pappitson. An Attacker, Charmy fights with a Pumpkin Pie effect that burns a random enemy character each turn. She also has Skill I [Pumpkin Launch] which damages an enemy for two turns and stuns them. Plus, she has Skill II [Trick or Treat] that cand deal damage to all enemies.

Finally, Black Clover M will get a new Knight Arena mode from February 19-25, 2024. With this mode, players can put their skills to the test in dynamic Squad PVP fights. Players who participate in this mode can get rewards like Yuls and Accessory Enchantment Stones. Plus, the top three players on the server can win a Legendary Accessory Enchantment Stone Selection Box.

Black Clover M is available now on the App Store and Google Play.