Ubisoft Devs promise a lot of things to do for the Skull and Bones open world

Things to explore and shanties to sing

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In a Q&A panel during the special Skull and Bones Media Event that happened on February 5, 2024, Ubisoft Devs Erik-Jon Evangelista (Associate Audio Director) and Audrey Wong (Lead Level Artist), along with Benerson Little (Leading Piracy Expert and Author) talked about the various details that players will see in Skull and Bones open world.

One of the foreseeable issues with Skull and Bones is that sailing in the open seas may get bland due to how such a setting may have a lot of times that you’re just sailing the open seas. The devs reply that this won’t be the case. While there will be a lot of sailing the open seas, there will also be a lot of things that are “visually designed to pull players in” such as temples, outposts, even a giant Buddha somewhere. All of these will usually be things that players can interact with in some way so players visual stimulation will definitely be there.

Aside from the open seas, the Ubisoft team did an excellent job in designing the outposts and the places that you can land on, even drawing inspiration from real world architecture from places like Singapore. Outposts will definitely be quite the treat to explore and will really immerse players into the world of Skull and Bones. If that wasn’t enough, the game also features Shanties that your crew can sing while you’re sailing. In fact, the game features a total of 30 shanties at launch translated into 4 languages.

The Skull and Bones open world features a ton of content for players to explore and enjoy at launch with plenty more to come as they roll out even more content as indicated by their one year roadmap.

Skull and Bones releases on February 16, 2024 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.