Ubisoft SG reveals more game details in Skull and Bones Media Event

The wait is almost over

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In  a special media event held yesterday, Ubisoft Singapore gathered various SEA media to talk about the long-awaited release of the Skull and Bones. The event was was a whole day affair where,  we were treated to a presentation about the game and a Q&A session with some people from the dev team during the day and then tried out the game in a hands-on session during the afternoon. We’ll be giving you our first impressions about the game soon but, for now, let me share with you what went down during the day’s presentation and panel discussion.


First off, we got to speak to the Jean-Francois Vallee (Zone Managing Director for Ubisoft Southeast Asia and India / Managing Director for Ubisoft Singapore) and Neven Dravinski (Senior Producer for Skull and Bones) who welcomed us to the event as the launch of Skull and Bones is quite the milestone given that this is the first triple-A game led by the Ubisoft SEA team. It was explained that the game’s vision was indeed to be a title focused on being immersive yet social and a game that gave players freedom but also let them feel tension and competition. In terms of immersion, they mentioned that the game was indeed lore-heavy while featuring intense naval combat so it was built in a way that would let you get lost in the world of Skull and Bones. At the same time, it would also do this with a social aspect in mind with its various coop / multiplayer-based content. The game also features quite the vast open world where the map is littered with various points of interest all free for players to explore but would also be tempered with a layer of competition as players all try to best rival mega corporations.

The game promises to a meaty game for players as it features 25+ hours for the main campaign, 40+ hours for side content, and over 80+ hours for its endgame content. The main campaign will see you story as you rise to infamy as the world’s newest pirate kinpin while the endgame will be all about you growing and maintaining the empire you’ve made… while of course, encountering some amazing world events featuring both realistic foes AND mythical foes  like ghost ships and sea monsters.

Finally, they also shared with us the plans for then game’s open beta that players can experience from February 8-11, 2024 which also allows for any progress to be carried over onto launch. Fans who have been awaiting this title for so long will also be pleased to know that Ubisoft has already revealed their content roadmap for a whole year so there’s definitely a lot of content to look forward to.

Stay tuned for our first impressions from the afternoon part of the Skull and Bones Media Event. The game releases on February 16, 2024 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.