Unicorn Overlord shares new details on Battle Stages and troop training

Here's more info on Unicorn Overlord, the next game from Vanillaware.

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After sharing interaction tips recently, Unicorn Overlord revealed new details on Battle Stages and training troops via a new Commander’s Guidance video.

The latest video is the third entry in the Commander’s Guidance series, and it teaches players how to bolster the strength of their troops.

You can watch it here:

Along with the video, new details about Battle Stages in Unicorn Overlord were revealed. In the game, Battle stages are field of combat here allied and enemy troops wage war in real-time.

Here are the details you need to know about these stages:

  • Unit Deployment and Movement
    • Allied units can be deployed from any base flying a blue flag. Once deployed, use the cursor to move them across the battle stage. Valor Points are used when deploying units. These can be replenished by defeating enemies, liberating towns, and fortresses, and more.
  • Battle Menu
    • When an allied unit encounters an enemy unit, the battle menu will appear. Select Battle to enter combat.
  • Swapping Positions
    • When two allied units are in proximity, you can have them swap places before engaging in battle. Adjust your units as necessary based on your enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Waiting and First Strike
    • Upon losing a battle, the defeated unit is knocked back and enters a waiting state. If it is attacked during this state, the attacking unit will be granted First Strike. A unit executing a First Strike will always act first, regardless of Initiative.
  • Stamina and Resting
    • Engaging in battle consumes stamina. Units with 0 stamina will be unable to move. You can restore a unit’s stamina by commanding it to rest. Keep in mind, if an enemy engages a resting unit in battle, that unit will be completely defenseless and unable to act.
  • Hallowed Corne Ash
    • A Hallowed Corne Ash can be used to avert a game over when the time limit expires or your command post is claimed by the enemy.
  • Valor Skills
    • Skills that can be activated by consuming Valor Points. Each class has access to different Valor Skills, such as offensive and recovery skills. Valor Skills play an important factor when deploying troops, so try to make good use of them.
  • Stage Objects
    • Stages contain a variety of objects and sites that can be used to quickly turn the tides of battle, such as divine effigies that can summon cyclones, campsites that restore the stamina of your allies, and catapults that are able to launch boulders.

When in Battle, units will automatically engage enemies and use skills based on the set tactics for them. Here are what you should remember in battles:

  • Active Skills
    • A combatant’s Initiative determines their turn order within battle. When a combatant’s turn arrives, they will use one of their Active Skills. Using an Active Skill consumes AP.
    • AP is displayed by a red jewel. Once both sides are out of AP, the battle will end.
  • Passive Skills
    • Passive Skills will trigger automatically when certain conditions are met, such as being hit with an attack. Using a Passive Skill consumes PP.
    • PP is displayed by a blue jewel. Passive Skills cannot be used if you’re low on PP.
  • Tactics
    • The tactics you set determine when a character will use what skill, and who they will target. Each skill can be assigned up to two conditions. In such cases, both conditions must be met for the skill to be used. If no tactics are assigned to a character, then they will target the enemy in front of them. Assign tactics to your characters t have them fight more effectively.
  • Example
    • One of Alain‘s active skills, Lean Edge, allows him to recover HP if he defeats an enemy using it. If you set him to target the enemy with the Lowest HP, he’ll be more likely to defeat his foe and trigger the healing effect.
  • Tactics and Priority
    • Tactics can be assigned different priorities. Characters will use the highest skill on their Priority List with conditions that have been met, so make sure to give priority to healing magic or other vital skills. For example, if you’ve arranged your Priority List in this manner, your character will always prioritize attacking with Slice and will never end up using Heal. However, if you configure your Priority List like this, they will use Heal if an ally has less than 50% HP. Otherwise, they will attack with Slice.
  • Optimize
    • You can use Optimize to automatically configure your tactics and equipment. Try using it when you’re unsure of how to best set these.

Unicorn Overlord will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024. You can also pre-order the game right now.