Samy Burch says Coyote vs. Acme talks are still “Ongoing”

There may still be a chance

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It is ‘ongoing,’ says Coyote vs. Acme screenwriter Samy Burch during an interview on Oscar’s red carpet. IndieWire managed to speak with Samy Burch and asked about the film’s unfortunate fate, as Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) seemed to have finally pulled the plug for the last time in February.

During the interview, Burch said, ‘As far as I know, it’s ongoing. I think we’re all pretty heartbroken about it. We hope it will somehow find its home and not end up stuck in a vault for the rest of time. That would be a great resolution.’ She continued when asked about the talks behind the scenes, ‘I know that they have been screening places and I think they still are. I hope that I’m allowed to say that. I’m going completely rogue here. Dave Green, who directed it, I just love so much. Will Forte is amazing in the movie. I’ve seen the final cut of the completed film, and I’m very proud of it.’


Based on Samy Burch’s words, it seems that Coyote vs. Acme is not the only legal battle Coyote is facing, but is also having a continued struggle with WBD. However, in this certain fight, WBD already claimed the film as a tax loss and has the intent to finally shelf it, which was announced last February.

This was a decision that gained backlash on social media, with voice actor Eric Bauza leading the campaign to save it. Bauza, who shared the first look at the film via X (Twitter) last January, was positive that Coyote vs. Acme will finally see the light of day so it’s understandable why he’s heartbroken to hear what the film is going through. As he mentioned, the test screening of the film has received positive feedback from audiences.

This is not the first time WBD has scrapped a completed film, as they already did so with Batgirl and another animated film Scoob! Holiday Haunt. Although clearly, offers were not accepted, which led to the current state of the film in limbo.

Samy Burch isn’t completely giving up yet as Samy says that there might still be a sliver of hope for Coyote vs. Acme to escape its fate.


Source: Indiewire