City Hunter star Ryohei Suzuki went to the Philippines to prepare for role as Ryo Saeba

City Hunter star Ryohei Suzuki shared why he visited the Philippines in preparation for his role as the iconic sweeper.

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While City Hunter is set in Japan (in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district to be exact), the film’s star Ryohei Suzuki shared that he went to the Philippines to prepare for his role as Ryo Saeba.

There may be City Hunter fans in the Philippines, but Ryo Saeba doesn’t go here as the original series shows him mainly in Shinjuku as his clientele as a Sweeper is in Tokyo. Though there’s a good reason for Suzuki to visit the Philippines, and that is for gun training.

In our interview with Suzuki, he shared that he has experience with action scenes, though he needed gun training as Ryo Saeba is an expert gunslinger. Thus, he went to Korea and the Philippines for a couple of days for gun training.

“I’ve had experience with fighting scenes, fighting sequences, but it was my first time to handle guns,” firearms said Suzuki. “So, I needed to have training for that. So, I went to other countries. I had one day in Korea and four days in the Philippines for gun training, and I learned so many things about guns. That was the most exciting preparation for acting in the action sequences.”

While we weren’t able to ask him about where exactly in the Philippines he did his gun training, his efforts show in the movie as the City Hunter live-action film features a lot of exciting fights where Ryo Saeba demonstrates his sharpshooting skills.

Of course, that’s not all there is to the action in City Hunter as the film delivers other impressive set pieces that also feature a heavy dose of comedy that’s sure to delight viewers.

The new City Hunter live-action movie is now streaming worldwide exclusively on Netflix.