Converge is awarded as the fastest internet in the Philippines

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As a testament to its commitment in providing excellent internet service, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has been awarded by Ookla® as the top internet service provider in the Philippines.

The recognition came when Ookla’s President and CEO, Stephen Bye, visited Converge‘s headquarters on April 4, 2024. Amid a warm welcome from Converge’s top executives, including co-founders Dennis and Grace Uy, the company showcased its network’s competitive capabilities, which has consistently outperformed other internet service brands in Ookla’s Speedtest Awards™.

Ookla’s recognition extends to Converge’s exceptional performance across various metrics, including the Fastest Internet Service Provider, Best Internet Gaming Experience, Best Internet Video Experience, and Top-Rated Internet in the Philippines.

“Clinching major awards of a network intelligence provider such as Ookla is a multi-faceted effort. It’s not just the network technology but also the back-end work, such as customer service and network operations. These all worked together, and in sync, to merit such recognition,” says Converge President and Co-Founder Grace Uy.

Fueling Converge’s success is its extensive fiber-to-the-home network, boasting over 7.9 million ports as of 2023. Leveraging advanced 10GPON technology, Converge ensures lightning-fast speeds, with upload and download rates equalized through XGS-PON technology. This approach not only enhances user experiences but also aligns with evolving digital trends, such as the emerging Metaverse.

Moreover, Converge stated that it remains committed to empowering its customers through the recent ‘Boost Mode’ campaign, offering up to 300 Mbps free speed boosts on the entry-level FiberX1500 plan.

Benjamin Azada, Chief Commercial Officer, highlights significant improvements in customer service metrics, including higher answer call rates and quicker average handle times during the fourth quarter of 2023. Looking ahead, Converge is looking to further improve its customer care with the integration of AI-powered tools for enhanced support in both its clients and workforce.

With a steadfast focus on high-speed innovation and customer satisfaction, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. continues to redefine the standards of internet connectivity in the Philippines.