Hades II gameplay stream impresses fans ahead of upcoming Technical Test

Fans are also loving the new gods shown in Hades 2.

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It has been over a year now since the game’s reveal, and recently, Supergiant Games held a gameplay livestream of Hades II ahead of the game’s upcoming Technical Test.

As Hades is such a beloved game, its sequel is one that many fans are anticipating. While its full release is still far off, the game will hold a Technical Test soon followed by an Early Access release on Steam.

Ahead of the Technical Test, Supergiant Games held a stream that was three hours long which showed off lots of gameplay. What’s more, the stream also gave fans their first look at a wide array of new and returning gods, with some also sporting updated looks.

If you’re a Hades fan and missed the stream, you should definitely check out the VOD here:

Aside from hyping players up with the gameplay showcase, the stream also got a lot of attention from fans thanks to the eye-catching designs of the gods. If you go on X (formerly Twitter) and look up Hades, you’ll no doubt see a lot of thirst posts about them, which isn’t too surprising given that Supergiant knocked it out of the park with the designs.

Gameplay-wise, Hades II should play similarly to the first game, though instead of Zagreus, players will take on the role of Melinoë, the Princess of the Underworld and Zagreus’ sister.

The Hades II Technical Test is happening soon, with the game also set to enter Early Access in spring 2024.

As for the game’s full release, there’s no word yet on an official launch date.