Haikyuu: The Dumpster Battle is coming to IMAX cinemas in the Philippines

Haikyuu fans will be able to watch the highly-anticipated Dumpster Battle on the biggest screen in the PH!

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Just a week after the film’s release date announcement, it was confirmed that Haikyuu: The Dumpster Battle is coming to IMAX theaters in the Philippines.

The film’s IMAX release was confirmed recently by SM Cinema via its official Facebook page. There, it was confirmed that IMAX theaters under SM Cinemas will screen the movie beginning on May 15.

While it’s not clear if other IMAX locations will screen it (as there are some non-SM IMAX cinemas), fans should still have many options, at least if they live in or near major cities.

So, should you watch the Haikyuu movie in IMAX? Well, that depends. While many anime films have gotten IMAX releases, these movies don’t often fill the entire screen like movies that are filmed in or are made specifically for an IMAX presentation.

Still, having watched several anime films in IMAX, I can say that it can be worth splurging on for big fans of the series. After all, you still get the benefit of the huge screen and bigger (and louder) sound, at least when compared to typical 2D cinemas.

As for those who are new to Haikyuu, this film is the first of two movies that will serve as the conclusion of the anime’s story. Thus, you’ll want to watch the previous Haikyuu seasons to get the best experience.

Haikyuu: The Dumpster Battle is coming to 2D cinemas and IMAX theaters in the Philippines on May 15, 2024.