Hololive VTuber Korone shares enthusiastic Oppenheimer review

Oppenheimer is now showing in Japanese cinemas, and here's what Korone has to say about it.

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Oppenheimer has finally been released in Japan, and Hololive’s resident Christopher Nolan fan Inugami Korone has just watched it.

While Oppenheimer was released in most of the world back in July, the film was only released in Japan on March 29. This is understandable considering that the film is about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who led the development of the first nuclear weapons which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Just a few days after the film’s theatrical release in Japan, Hololive’s Korone shared on her X sub-account  (an alternate account for more casual posts compared to her main account content) that she watched the film.

In her first post, Korone said that the film’s three hours flew by in an instant, though it helped that she did research about the movie before watching it. She also said that the sound was great, though the dialogue was incredibly fast and hard to follow at times, so she’s interested in watching it dubbed in Japanese.

Then in a follow-up post, Korone said that if she hadn’t done any research, she may have had a tougher time following its story. In the end though, she said that she’ll still rave about it as it’s a Christopher Nolan movie.

Korone being a big fan of Nolan and liking Oppenheimer isn’t too surprising as she has been noted to be a big fan of many films, games, and other media made in the West. In fact, she has lots of posts on her sub-account of non-Japanese media.

As for her thoughts on Oppenheimer, her take on it is in line with many of the film’s reviews. On the flip side, there are some reactions from other Japanese viewers that aren’t as positive.

Still, even though there are some mixed responses to the movie, Oppenheimer earned USD 2.5 million in Japan’s box office in just three days, a pretty impressive feat for a three-hour biopic.