Realme 12 5G Impressions | Keeping the Lineage

The realme 12 5G just might be your gateway into being the Portrait Master you aspire to be.

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Realme has been running the gauntlet with their latest numbered series, and they’ve spiced things up with their newest entry, the realme 12 5G. As it joins the exclusive Portrait Master collective, we can definitely feel the hype and the intrigue. The current realme 12 Series holds its own when it comes to producing some of the most tasteful shots and delivering one of the smoothest smartphone experiences in its price range. So, seeing how this smartphone measures up should be a treat.

The realme 12 5G deviates from its predecessor in a variety of ways. While they do share a 108MP main camera, the realme 12 5G now sports a Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ chipset, a bigger, 6.72-inch IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and some nice IP54 dust and splash resistance. Not to mention it shares the tasteful visuals of its classy elder siblings in the series. But is it all style? What about substance?

We get the usual accessories in the box–a nice TPU case, a sim ejector tool, a 45W SUPERVOOC charging brick, and a USB-C to USB-A cable. The former is something we should really appreciate while it lasts, as we’re getting more phones that offer the bare unboxing minimum nowadays. As we unwrap the realme 12 5G, we then get a feel of how it differentiates from the 12+ and 12 Pro+ 5G.

No vegan leather finish this time around. It’s all hard plastic with a nice matte sheen. Our Twilight Purple variant has a semi-luminescent finish that’s almost completely resistant to any fingerprints. This is nice, as we do like to go bare. Up top on the backside, we get that classy watch dial housing its triple camera setup. The two tones of purple mesh rather nicely here. Do take note that the camera will attract fingerprints, unlike the body.

At a slim 7.69 millimeters and 180 grams, the realme 12 5G is lightweight, but it doesn’t compromise its premium feel. There’s still a good amount of heft when you wield it. As for the display, it’s 6.72 inches of pure IPS LCD pleasure. We decided to keep the refresh rate at a constant 120 Hz, and it proves to be quite snappy and smooth while navigating through apps. Of course, there’s a lot to tinker with in terms of the display, but right out of the box, it looks pretty decent. Comparing it to the 12+ and 12 Pro+ 5G this early would be unfair.

Now, on to the cameras–definitely a highlight for this smartphone. Being part of the Portrait Master lineup is a tall task, and while it’s allowed a bit of wiggle room due to its position on the totem pole, lagging too far behind is unacceptable. Thankfully, it doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

The 108MP 3x Zoom Portrait Camera produces some nice daylight shots while shooting from the hip. The cinematic filters made a comeback, so playing around with them will be fun, for sure. For now, it’s safe to say that the vanilla is sweet.

Under decent lighting, the main camera produces some nice shots with enough discernible detail. Under dimmer circumstances, you do get a bit of noise. These photos were shot from right out of the box, though. The realme 12 5G will most definitely undergo a firmware update to improve the phone’s overall features–camera software included. It’s definitely something to look forward to for our full review.

As for the portrait shots, the bokeh isn’t that aggressive–which we’re thankful for. Selfies came out nicely courtesy of an 8MP front camera. This is a downgrade from the realme 11, but it didn’t produce anything egregious. So far, so good.

The realme 12 5G did a bang-up job, considering we’ve been using it almost fresh. Once the tinkering, customization, and firmware updates begin, we’re eager to find out if there will be any changes–drastic or otherwise. It’s clear that as a budget-to-midrange smartphone, it performs rather well from the get-go. Decent cameras aside, it possesses a smooth interface thanks to realme UI 5.0, it’s snappy enough to navigate thanks to the 120 Hz refresh rate, and the Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ coupled with a total 16GB of RAM makes quick work of anything none too taxing.

Right now, it’s safe to say that it just might be your gateway into being the Portrait Master you aspire to be. We’ll have to see for certain.

The Realme 12 5G is coming to Philippine soil very soon. To stay up to date on any realme news and updates, make sure to check out their official website, and follow their Facebook page.