SEGA unveils new Sonic the Hedgehog merch collection

These new Sonic merch line features goodies with Sonic and Shadow designs.

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After its recent Project #Sonitsuku and Sonic Carnival Tokyo merch line, SEGA announced a new Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise collection featuring Sonic and Shadow-themed goodies.

While this new merch line doesn’t have as specific of a theme as the previous collection, the pieces here should still delight fans of the iconic blue hedgehog. After all, Sonic and Shadow are two of the most popular characters in the franchise. Plus, the designs should catch the eyes of many fans.

Here’s a look at all the pieces in the new merch line:

Sonic the Hedgehog – SPRAYS AND FADES T-Shirt (Sonic/Shadow)

Sonic the Hedgehog – Acrylic Logo Keychain (Sonic/Shadow)

Sonic the Hedgehog – SPRAYS AND FADES Pin Button Set (Sonic & Shadow)

Sonic the Hedgehog – Plush Tote Bag (Sonic/Shadow)

Sonic the Hedgehog – SONIC PICT Twin Plastic File Set (Sonic & Shadow)

Based on these pieces, we’re definitely into the two t-shirts and the tote bags as these have the biggest and most eye-catching designs. Of course, the keychains and pin buttons are more subtle options. As for the clear plastic file, this kind of collectible is quite common, and they’re nice to have for fans who want to get their documents organized, or just want to have a slim and affordable merch piece.

These new Sonic the Hedgehog merch pieces are available now for pre-order via the EJ ANiME STORE on AmiAmi.