Shogun continues to get acclaim from international and local critics

Shogun is definitely a must-watch, and you can stream it now on Disney+.

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The FX TV series Shogun premiered in February, and it continues to get lots of praise from international and local critics.

As of this article’s writing, there have now been seven episodes of the new series, and each new episode still gets rave reviews from critics and fans. This is thanks to the show’s tense political maneuvering that’s punctuated by impressive action. All of this while having memorable characters and eye-catching sets and effects.

Currently, the series sits at a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 93% audience score as well, meaning it’s very much a hit for most viewers.

In case you missed its release, Shogun is a new FX series that’s also streamed on Hulu and Disney+. As its name implies, it’s set during the late stages of Japan’s Sengoku Period (or Warring States period). Specifically, it’s based on the Shogun novel by James Clavell which is a historical fiction story that, while based on real events, is still very much a work of fiction.

Even though the real historical events did not happen the way the show depicts them, fans of medieval Japan (especially those who have played games like Total War: Shogun 2) will no doubt enjoy this series.

Shogun is now in its final few episodes, and you can stream this exciting new TV series on Disney+ in the Philippines and in many other regions around the world.