Stellar Blade uncensored version will be released worldwide

Players around the world will be able to experience Stellar Blade as the creators intended.

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Ahead of the game’s launch, it was confirmed that the Stellar Blade uncensored version will be released worldwide.

In the leadup to the game’s launch, Stellar Blade has stirred up a lot of discussion regarding its Skin Suit that makes the protagonist Eve look almost like she’s naked.

For fans who are hoping to play the game with this feature intact (among other racy elements), they’ll be happy to know that the game will be released uncensored worldwide, including in Japan. This was announced by the game’s developers through its official X (formerly Twitter) account.

The announcement didn’t go into any detail regarding what to expect in this uncensored version, though it’s a safe bet that this means the game will retain the Skin Suit for Eve, among other things.

In case you missed it, Stellar Blade is an action-adventure game from Shift Up which was initially teased back in 2020 and officially revealed in 2021. Based on the game’s demo and various showcases, Stellar Blade will promise to deliver intense action that should be right up the alley of fans who like games where the name of the game is to master enemy attack patterns to defeat them. It’s not exactly a Soulslike game, but it should be worth looking at for fans of the genre.

Stellar Blade is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

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