The League of Legends Liga Republika 2024 | Everything you need to know

A league made by Pinoys for Pinoys.

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Riot is one of the most recognizable names in the Philippine gaming scene. It’d be harder to find someone who isn’t familiar with their titles. Competition and entertainment. These are the two things that drive the success and enduring appeal of Riot games. During a media preview event last Friday, Riot Games PH presented Liga Republika 2024, a League of Legends open tournament with a P1 million prize pool.

Riot Games is one of the few developers who truly understand how to foster a thriving competitive ecosystem. With the success of last year’s Empyrean Cup, Riot PH wants to further prove that they are committed to growing, sustaining, and innovating on the local esports scene.

Liga Republika 2024 is a competitive circuit for Leage of Legends. 384 teams from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao will be welcomed to join, over a 100+ more than last year’s 265 count. There is only one goal in mind: to find the best League of Legends team in the Philippines.

“We are committed to create a league that fosters a sense of pride, identity, and belonging for our players. And by evolving last year’s Empyrean Cup to Liga Republika, our hope is to give our players a league that they can proudly call tatak Pinoy,” added Kimi Salazar, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Brand Manager of Riot Games Philippines.

Liga Republika 2024 format and schedule

Lige Republika 2024 will have both online and offline stages to ensure that more players will have the chance to compete, regardless of wherever they are in the country.

It all starts this May. A Kickoff Invitational will be held, featuring the top 8 teams of 2023’s Empyrean Cup. However, only 4 teams will come out to qualify for the group stage in August.

Come June, the teams from all over the Philippines will start to get invited. Over 300 teams are expected to compete in the open qualifiers round spanning from July to August, the competition is expected to be intense as participants vie for one of the twelve group slots.

Following the invitational round and open qualifiers, 16 teams will emerge victorious, advancing to the group stage in August. The month of September will be dedicated to the playoffs.

And finally, the main event. The Liga Republika 2024 grand finals will be a LAN event where the top eight teams will compete in front of a live audience for the lion’s share of the million-peso prize pool.

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